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Quarterly Update: April 2018

posted 4/18/2018

It’s certainly been an eventful start to the year for global financial markets. Though the first quarter ended with major developed equity market indices down only slightly, those numbers mask a very turbulent period in which stock prices were whipsawed. Bonds also experienced gyrations, with the yield on the 10-year Treasury moving from 2.41% at the start of the quarter to a peak of 2.95% before ending at 2.74%.

Indeed, the biggest story of 2018 so far has been the return of market volatility, following a year and a half in which stock prices rose essentially without interruption and investors seemed impervious to any hint of bad news. That has changed as markets, despite still-favorable economic conditions, have begun to grapple with a number of concerns, including rising trade tensions and the possibility that firming inflation might lead to more aggressive Fed policies. 

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In this issue:

  • Markets May Be Shaky but the Economy Is Doing Fine
  • Rate Volatility Likely as Year Progresses
  • Rising Rates Don’t Have to Hurt High Dividend Stocks
  • Choices for Opportunistic Income Include More than High Yield Bonds


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