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Rising Rates and the Return of Volatility: Managing Fixed Income Portfolios in 2018

posted 4/5/2018

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With continued global growth, an uptick in inflation and late stage fiscal stimulus the Federal Reserve is expected to materially increase interest rates in 2018. Will this year finally mark the official end to the bond bull market? Are negative total returns on the horizon for fixed income investors or will a more hawkish Fed lead to slower growth and falling long-term yields?


Please join Director of Fixed Income, Greg Kaplan and Senior Portfolio Managers Mike Taila and David Krouth to address the increasing complexities of the fixed income markets and where investors should be focused for the remainder of 2018.



Featured Speakers:

Gregory S. Kaplan, CFA

Managing Director, Director of Fixed Income


David Krouth, CFA

Portfolio Manager

Michael Taila

Managing Director, Senior Portfolio Manager

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