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Managing risk in your client's portfolio.


Savvy investing today means knowing that, sometimes, company-specific attributes are outweighed by economic, political, and market dynamics.

During periods where stock and bond values can be impacted by volatility, we pursue tactical changes within your client’s portfolio. We manage portfolio risk on three levels:

Level I: Strategic Asset Allocation

Together, we custom-build a portfolio for each client's investment goals using the appropriate asset allocation, seeking an efficient risk return trade-off.

Most "do-it-yourself" investors stop here.

Level II: Dynamic Asset Allocation

Research drives strategic and tactical investment decisions. Our research team proactively monitors changing risk factors over time, including risks associated with individual sectors or securities.

Most investment firms stop here.

Level III: Personalized Downside Risk Management

Managing volatility is especially important during non-normal market periods. A proprietary process, it acts as a circuit breaker for limiting losses in the portfolio while adhering to the client's overall risk budget.

City National Rochdale takes it a step further.


Let’s talk about managing risk.

Speak with an investment consultant to see how our risk management strategies could work for your high-net-worth clients.

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