We’re better together.

We partner with financial advisors to build personalized investment portfolios for their high-net-worth clients.

You’re a good fit to work with us if your client:

  • Needs a comprehensive analysis of an existing portfolio to identify inefficiencies
  • Is concerned about market volatility and would benefit from a risk analysis
  • Needs a personalized portfolio income strategy and is planning for retirement or other cash flow scenarios
  • Is looking for more sophisticated tax management through individual securities rather than mutual funds
  • Wants to receive tailored risk mitigation strategies

  • Wants direct access to his/her portfolio manager

  • Is selling a business, establishing a trust, or planning for heirs

  • Prefers quarterly portfolio reviews with his/her private portfolio manager

Advisors at the center.

The personalized way we work makes you—the client's trusted advisor—front and center at every step of our process.

It begins with getting to know your client’s full financial picture – either from your own planning process or our Comprehensive Wealth Analysis available to help you with your highest-net-worth clients.

You and your dedicated investment consultant meet and create a personalized portfolio strategy for your client

You and your investment consultant jointly present to your client multiple scenarios for a new, optimized portfolio

You and your client decide on any further modifications or approve the new portfolio strategy

The client’s private portfolio manager is introduced and begins implementation

The portfolio manager conducts tax analysis of current client assets, and determines a risk and tax budget, and a methodical transition plan

The portfolio manager conducts ongoing reviews of the portfolio with you and your client and regularly communicates to actively make any adjustments

Put our strengths to work for you.

With you for the long term.

Our long-term investing approach has led to a strong client retention rate.
It’s because we offer:

Analyzing your client’s portfolio.

We use Galaxy, our proprietary portfolio analysis software, to show you opportunities for portfolio optimization.

Put our knowledge to work for you.

Keep up with our proprietary Speedometers, our forward-looking economic and market indicators, subscribe to our Insights, or join us for an upcoming webinar.

Let's work together.

We partner with financial advisors to provide investment management services to their clients with more than $1 million in investable assets.

If you’re a high-net-worth client who's interested in adding an experienced investment manager to your financial team, learn more about working with us here