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City National Rochdale is the investment boutique for high-net-worth clients of City National.


A Boutique Approach.

We call what we do Intelligent Personalization®

Your private portfolio manager and dedicated City National team design a customized portfolio.

Work with deeply knowledgeable investment professionals practiced in investment management.

Learn how we create a personal performance benchmark optimized for each client.


Extensive in-house research guides the construction of every portfolio.


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Learn more about our boutique approach to wealth management.
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    Private Banking

    East – Carolyn J. Finer, CFA, Senior Investment Strategist
     Carolyn.Finer@cnr.com Phone: (212) 508-5694

    West – David Antar, Senior Investment Strategist
     David.Antar@cnr.com Phone: (415) 576-3946

    Entertainment Banking