Approach to Investing

A Discussion of Our Approach to Investment Management

City National Rochdale's executives are actively engaged in all aspects of management, setting a high standard of ethical conduct for all employees. We fundamentally believe that this sets the tone for the ethical behavior of all our employees, and we have a strong set of policies and practices that emphasize what is expected.

Each Client Has Their Own Unique Portfolio

Portfolios we manage are developed based on detailed efforts to understand and define each client’s specific investment goals and risk tolerances. This process requires experienced and skilled professionals which includes our Senior Investment Consultants and Portfolio Managers. Every private client deserves a unique portfolio matched to their own unique goals.

Aligning the Interests of Private Clients, Trusted Advisors, & Portfolio Managers

Our relationships with Financial Advisors & CPAs are of paramount value; professionally monitoring our activities and decisions, providing an objective voice to the portfolio management oversight function.

The information presented does not involve the rendering of personalized investment, financial, legal or tax advice. Nothing presented herein is an offer to buy or sell, or a solicitation of any offer to buy or sell any of the securities mentioned herein. Any opinions, projections, forecasts and forward looking statements presented herein are valid on as of the date of these documents and are subject to change. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance. As with any investment strategy, there is no guarantee that investment objectives will be met and investors may lose money investing in this strategy.

Investment Professionals

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