October 17

CIO Tom Galvin Featured on Bloomberg’s “The Close”

City National Rochdale CIO Tom Galvin was a guest on Bloomberg TV's "The Close" on Monday, Oct. 17. He discussed current economic trends in the wake of volatile markets, fragile consumer and business confidence and geopolitical uncertainty.

“There’s a multitude of unprecedented macro events that are slowing the economy down, the Fed has to raise interest rates to slow inflation, there’s the uncertainty around the world on the geopolitical front, markets are increasingly volatile because there’s a lot of uncertainty. There’s not a lot of visibility out there right now.”

"You want to stay focused, in this turbulent time, on high quality companies and strong management teams that have the right bend of offense and defense," said Tom. "Quality companies are the best choice when it comes to stocks."

Watch the full broadcast. Tom's segment is at 1:24:40.

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