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Agent for Trustee


In your role as trustee, you are faced with a number of complexities and obligations. Your responsibilities may include ensuring the trust assets are protected, keeping proper accounts and providing a detailed accounting to beneficiaries. As your agent, we can assist you in completing these tasks through a tailored solution designed to meet your needs.

City National Bank’s (CNB) Trust and Estate Admininistration Team’s Agent for Trustee solutions include a full range of services. CNB trust professionals are experts in the unique requirements of trust custody, recordkeeping and accounting, and can support you in the investment process for trust assets. In addition, their specialized knowledge associated with trust taxation (available as an add-on service to any Agent for Trustee solution) can provide welcome assistance for busy trustees.

CNB clients include individuals who have been appointed as trustees of living or testamentary trusts and need help fulfilling some or all of their duties. CNB also works with notaries, accountants and other professionals who require specialized expertise in the administration of their clients’ trusts.

In addition to the reassurance that comes from working with trust professionals, you benefit by having the time and effort associated with your trustee duties minimized. Having fewer professionals involved with the management of your trust should also reduce costs and errors. The expertise and organization that your agent provides will bring you — and the trust’s beneficiaries — peace of mind.

Choose the solution that works for you. Regardless of which Agent for Trustee solution you choose, you will receive attentive, reliable expertise to help you in the ongoing management of trusts under your administration. In all cases, you retain final decision-making authority. While not included in City National Bank's Agent for Trustee solutions, full investment management services are available through our City National Rochdale colleagues.



Does NOT include real property management


  Complete Admin "A" Partial Admin "B"
Preliminary Work    
Have initial meeting and consultation with trustee
Review terms of trust documents
Obtain information related to the trust
Determine roles and responsibilities of agent and trustee
Establish a trust account
Document ongoing instructions
Set up reminder of trust year end
Arrange for transfer of assets from present custodian and re-registration of securities as appropriate
Provide safekeeping of securities as appropriate
Document all other assets (promissory notes, mortgages, real estate, non-marketable investments) as appropriate
Process security transactions as directed by investment agent/trustee
Collect interest, dividends and other income earned on trust assets
Provide notices of corporate changes to trustee(s) or investment agent for assets held in custody
Provide notices of corporate changes to trustee(s) or investment agent for assets held in custody
Real Property    
Obtain independent appraisal of real property  
Provide guidance on securing the real property  
Arrange for insurance  
Pay property taxes  
Pay utilities  
Deposit rent payments provided by trustee or property manager
Promissory Notes/Mortgages    
Deposit payments
Track and update outstanding balances  
Payments to Third Parties/Beneficiaries    
Pay expenses of the trust from principal or income
Make payments to designated beneficiaries
Provide assistance in discretionary decision process  
Distribute trust assets to beneficiary when directed
Periodically distribute trust income to beneficiary
Trust Accounting and Statements    
Record all assets and allocate to principal and income as appropriate
Record and track adjusted cost basis of assets as directed
Provide regular investment statements to trustee and beneficiary detailing book and market value of securities in custody
Provide regular statements to trust’s investment agent, legal advisor and/or accountant detailing investment assets and transactions held in custody
Tax Reporting    
Deduct non-resident withholding taxes from payments to non-resident beneficiaries and remit to IRS
Provide year-end transaction worksheets to trustee or accountant
Investment Agent Assistance    
Provide guidance to trustee on considerations related to trust investment process  
Complete annual account review  
Other Services    
Coordinate communications and administration with trust’s other professional advisors  
Coordinate payments from private companies as instructed by trustee or tax advisor  
Assist trustee with trust distributions  
Trust Distributions    
Prepare a plan of distribution to beneficiary for custodial assets as directed by trustee  
Draft preliminary cash requirements for initial distribution  
Complete partial distribution to beneficiary for custodial assets  
Complete final distribution to beneficiary for custodial assets  

City National Bank its affiliates and subsidiaries, as a matter of policy, do not give tax, accounting, regulatory or legal advice. Rules in the areas of law, tax,and accounting are subject to change and open to varying interpretations. You should consult with your other advisors on the tax, accounting and legalimplications of actions you may take based on any strategies presented taking into account your own particular circumstances.

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