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City National Trust & Estate Administration Services


Through your relationship with City National Rochdale1, you can access City National Bank’s Trust & Estate Administration services. CNB provides high touch, comprehensive and flexible trust services from industry leading professionals to deliver intelligently personalized solutions that cater to unique and complex wealth needs. City National Bank (CNB) uses a fully managed, tax-advantaged framework to help clients preserve and grow their wealth and fulfill their legacy wishes.


  • Senior Trust Advisors average 20 years of experience, nearly 10 with City National Bank
  • The majority of Senior Trust Advisors hold Certified Trust and Financial Advisor (CTFA) designation, a premier designation in the trust field
  • Fewer relationships per Trust Officer than industry average (approximately 50 compared to 100 industry average), giving time for higher touch service
  • Top professionals for hands-on active property management and oversight, and the right strategies to help maximize the value of real estate assets


  • Ensure continuity and execution of services with a balance of personal touch and professional experience that is backed by fiduciary responsibility
  • Make sure the grantor’s intentions are properly reflected in their estate planning
  • Protect the assets so they go to the right parties
  • Protect the client in the event of death or incapacity
  • Reduce the burden on family in carrying out the grantor’s plan
  • Improved service and performance environment for the trust
  • Allows for seamless transition to the next generation


  • Delivers the look, feel and service of a boutique with the power of a large balance sheet
  • An unwavering commitment to providing personalized service and exceptional value coupled with great attention to detail
  • White gloved service that includes dedicated trust officers/advisors and Investment portfolio managers 
  • A personal approach that takes care to ensure that the needs of clients and their families are handled with great compassion and expedience
  • CNB Trust Administration Offices include: California, Delaware, Florida, Minnesota, Nevada, New York, Tennessee

As a corporate Trustee or Co-trustee, CNB can offer benefits beyond those of an individual trustee Objectivity. CNB manages a client’s trust without personal bias – an important factor in resolving disputes among family members and beneficiaries.

  • Objectivity. CNB manages a client’s trust without personal bias – an important factor in resolving disputes among family members and beneficiaries.
  • Continuity of Service. An individual trustee may not survive the duration of the trust due to age or incapacity. A corporation, on the other hand, can ensure your client’s trust is continuously administered according to his or her wishes for the entire life of that trust.
  • Fiduciary Responsibility. As a fiduciary, CNB is held to stringent legal and ethical standards.



Flexible and Intelligently Personalized to Meet Every Client’s Specific Needs

Trust & Estate Administration
  • Revocable and Irrevocable Trusts
        – Special Needs Trusts
        – Discretionary and Incentive Trusts
        – Gifting Trusts
        – Directed Trusts
        – Pre-Immigration Trusts
  • Probate Estates
  • Agent for Trustee/Executor
  • Conservatorships of Estates
Comprehensive Asset Management
  • Investment Management
        – Fully Managed
  • Specialty Assets
        – Real Estate Management
        – Farm and Agriculture Holdings
        – Closely Held Business/Operating Company
        – Limited Partnership Interests
        – Limited Liability Companies
        – Mineral, Oil and Gas Management Services
        – Art/Other Collectibles
Philanthropic Services
  • Donor Advised Fund
  • Private Foundations and Endowments
  • Charitable Trusts


Custody and Reporting Services
Trust Tax Return Preparation
  • Intellectual Property 

*Provided the governing document is not subject to an embedded fee arrangement.

A National Trust Charter allows City National Bank to act as Trustee in all 50 states, in whatever capacity is required, including:

  • Trustee or Co-trustee
  • Agent for Trustee or Executor
  • Executor or Administrator of Probate Estate
  • Guardian
  • Conservator
  • Custodian


Let's work together.

If you’re interested in working with City National Rochdale as your investment manager, speak with your advisor about partnering with us.

Trust Real Estate

Offering the best of both worlds.CNB views real estate not only as property to be managed, but as an investment to be managed — an important part of an overall portfolio. CNB's goal is to enhance the after-tax return of the real estate, which has significant implications for how CNB handles a property

  • Professional Property Management.> CNB has a proven track record of successfully managing a wide array of property types: Retail and Commercial Centers, Office Buildings, Industrial Facilities, Residential Properties, and Mineral, Oil & Gas Assets.
Philanthropic Services

Helping clients give back. CNB can help you structure charitable plans for your clients that enhance the ability to give, offer favorable tax treatment, minimize capital gains, gift and estate taxes, and increase after-tax cash flow. CNB can work closely with you and the charity of your choice to determine which structure is most tax-efficient.

Special Needs

A special touch. A dedicated team of professionals specializes in managing the unique needs of those with impaired health or reasoning. They have the expertise, judgment, and professional resources required to find creative and meaningful solutions for individuals with disabilities, while providing support and guidance to the family